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Zitimata Epikinonias | (Communication Issues)

A publication of the Faculty of Communication & Media Studies and the University Research Institute of Applied Communication National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Media Analysis

SMG is a group of researchers in communication and media issues. It was formed by Professor Stylianos Papathanassopoulos in 2012 and it aims to conduct research in the field of communication and media studies. The research group SMG provides design, implementation and analysis on current affairs, and ad hoc basis for specific surveys. It also aims to complement its research activity with publishing. The webpage is a part of SMG's activities.


The International Encyclopedia of Communication

The International Encyclopedia of Communication is a joint project of Blackwell Publishing and the International Communication Association (ICA), the largest association of communication scholars in the world. Therefore, the general outline of the Encyclopedia has been developed in close consultation with the divisions in ICA representing all different research areas of the field.


Global Media and Communication

Global Media and Communication is essential and exciting reading for academics, researchers and students engaged in the international aspects of: communication studies, media studies, cultural studies, anthropology, telecommunications, sociology, politics, public policy, migration and diasporic studies, economics, geography/urban studies, transnational security and international relations.

European Journal of Communication

The European Journal of Communication is interested in communication research and theory in all its diversity, and seeks to reflect and encourage the variety of intellectual traditions in the field and to promote dialogue between them. The Journal reflects the international character of communication scholarship and is addressed to a global scholarly community. Rigorously peer-reviewed, it publishes the best of research on communications and media, either by European scholars or of particular interest to them.

Journalism Practice

Journalism Practice is a scholarly, international and multidisciplinary journal, which provides opportunities for reflective, critical and research-based studies focused on the professional practice of journalism. The emphasis on journalism practice does not imply any false or intellectually disabling disconnect between theory and practice, but simply an assertion that Journalism Practice's primary concern is to analyse and explore issues of practice and professional relevance.

Network of European Political Communication Scholars

The Network of European Political Communication Scholars is a network for furthering research and teaching in systematic social scientific political communication research. Based on collaboration, comparison, cumulatively and conceptualization.

University Research Institute of Applied Communication

The University Research Institute of Applied Communication is an autonomous institution as concerns its management and financial status. The Director and its Deputy are selected by the Senate of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.


Kastaniotis Editions

Kastaniotis Editions was founded in 1968. It was not long before the range and quality of our books succeeded in winning the favor of a large and demanding public. Our catalogue today comprises over 3,000 titles covering contemporary Greek and international literature, children's and young reader's books, psychiatry, politics, theatre, poetry, essays, studies, education, art books, among other catalogues.


Polity is a leading international publisher in the social sciences and humanities and we publish some of the world's best authors in these fields. Our aim is to combine the publication of original, cutting-edge work of the highest quality with a systematic programme of textbooks and coursebooks for students and scholars in further and higher education.


Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1836, it has published many of greatest thinkers and scholars of the last hundred years, including Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, Marcuse and Sartre.


Palgrave is a global academic publisher serving learning and scholarship in higher education and professional markets. It publishes textbooks, journals, monographs, professional and reference works in print and online. It has considerable strengths in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Business, market leading lists in Politics and Study Skills and a fast-growing journals programme.


Intellect Publishers

Intellect published its first journal in 1986 and its first book in 1987. Their publishing programme focuses on topics related to creative media, such as: art, film, television, design, education, language, gender study, and international culture.