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Television Power; media logic and the market

Television Power; media logic and the market,
Athens: Kastaniotis Editions, 1997, pp. 475 ISBN: 960-03-1801-8


This book examines the effects of television, and pays particular emphasis on Greek television. Drawing on the approaches of medium theory and political economy, it refers to the medium of television and its specific conditions of the production of its content and examines how this is further influenced by the commercial logic.


Moreover, it examines some the effects of the dominance of commercial television in the Greek system and discusses by providing data of original research on the TV news and talk shows, politics and the media, the amount of television violence as well as the character of its portrayal and the relationship between television and justice.


It considers that television due to its dominance as a mass medium has not only changed the previous systems of written communication, but it has also substituted social activities and social institutions as actors and organizations of all sectors of society accommodate to media logic.