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“Media Policy”

“Media Policy”. In The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication. Published Online: 4 JAN 2016DOI: 10.1002/9781118541555.wbiepc094.

Media policy addresses a wide range of contemporary concerns regarding the structure and the performance of media systems. Although it has often been argued that media policy has been largely technology driven, most of the decisions taken to deal with change are framed by political, economic, and institutional dimensions as well as by international factors. Media policy as a theoretical approach is characterized by its interdisciplinarity. In the era of globalization, policy and regulation in the media sector have moved away from being essentially part of a domestic political process and towards becoming part of a new complex international dimension of technological, industrial, and economic governance. Regardless of global pressures and influences, the media system continues to be dominated by the nation-state and it remains a useful mechanism for collective control over communications media.

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