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Television and its audience

Television and its audience,
Athens: Kastaniotis, 2000, pp. 241. ISBN: 960-03-2706-8


This book analyses how viewers use and react to television screen and its programmes. It discusses the theories of television viewing behaviour, the uses and misuses of TV ratings, the role of TV remote control on television behaviour and its social and cultural effects as well as the ways Greek viewers watch television since the deregulation of Greek television systems, the evolution of the genres of programmes they prefer in this period.


It also discusses the programming strategies television stations apply in order to attract Greek viewers and relate these strategies to the ones uses in other countries. Moreover, it discusses the concept of diversity (diving to horizontal and vertical diversity) on the new television environment. It presents the findings of a research made by the author comparing the TV offerings of the main television stations in Britain, France and Greece using as a sample period the same week in 1989, 1993 and 1996.


According to the findings, vertical and horizontal diversity has increased in the overall television environment, but it has decreased in the peak time periods. The last chapter of the book discusses the role of the TV viewer in the digital environment and also discusses to what extent the theories of programming strategy can be relevant in the future.