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Among 4 screens

Among 4 screens
Athens, Kastaniotis Editions, pages 288
ISBN: 978-960-03-6717-1

The media field is changing both in terms of its available content and in the ways in which people discover, use, consume and interact with the media. We no longer watch TV undistracted as in the not so distant past. We do not read newspapers, and in most of the cases we listen to the radio within the car as we drive. Instead, we are becoming more and more informed and entertained by the internet and its websites. We comment on political and social events and share them on social media. We may not be ‘able’ to watch more than half a minute of commercials and change TV stations when it does not arouse our interest, but we engage into binge-watching the episodes of our favorite series offered to us by the new TV providers via the internet.

On any given day, the average citizen can choose between dozens of terrestrial or satellite or internet TV channels, radio stations, print or electronic newspapers and a host of websites. In practice, the media audience is becoming more and more fragmented, and the consumption of media content, whether informative or entertaining, is now in front of a screen, be it the traditional TV screen or the laptop or the tablet or the smart mobile. After all, in the history of communications, the same content could never be consumed by four different screens, and at the same time, inside the house or outside the house, constantly or on the move.
This book aims to highlight the key features of this new communication condition, as the consumption of modern media content is performed "among 4 screens".