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Theoretical and Organizational Issues of the Electronic Media

This course focuses on the developments of the broadcast and electronic media in Europe and the USA. It explores the effects of the deregulation, the increasing importance of multinational multimedia corporations and details the various challenges that commercialization and privatization are posing to the traditions of public service broadcaster. It pays particular attention to the development of the new media and digital television and the implications of media changes for political and social cultural life.

Introduction to Mass Communication Theories

This course provides a comprehensive, non-technical introduction to the range of approaches to understanding mass communication. It offers an integrated treatment of the major components of mass communication and demonstrates how theories of mass communication relate to the broader understanding of society and culture.

Internationalization of Communication

(with Emmanuel Heretakis, Assistant Professor)

This course traces the development of international communication and looks at the different theoretical approaches to this complex and rapidly-growing field of media studies. It also looks at the impact of market relations, deregulation, and technology of the countries of the Third World, as well as the structures of the global communication industry. It examines the effects of the Information Society on both developed and less developed countries.

The Structures of the European Media

The aim of the course is to introduce, in the context of wider economic and political integration, some key issues of European communication and industrial policies which arise from recent developments in the communications sector within the European Union and the international markets.

Comparative Media Systems

This course introduces students to the factors which have influence the development of media systems, and invites them to assess the issues that are at stake in its future. It looks at the broadcasting systems of the European broadcasting landscape, the current patterns and trends in the North and Latin America.